Thirteen if a Day cover

Here, for the first time, is the full-length sequel to Forever Twelve, which houses volumes 5-8 of the Advice Avengers series in one book!

The Advice Avengers: two girls on a mission to give the best advice possible, no matter what.

In volume 5, Andi is crushed when her mom disappears after Thanksgiving. Even though Hilary says she’ll be back in a few weeks, Andi isn’t convinced. What can you do when your only options are to make a wish or say a prayer? Magical thinking is silly, right? Andi certainly thinks so. But once she acknowledges her deepest desire, it sets into motion a chain of events that will change everything…

In volume 6, A wicked snowstorm is headed straight for Emerson Middle School. Everyone who didn’t take the bus home is stranded! Can a circle of friendship heal someone who sees herself as a freak? Will secrets whispered by lantern light bring much needed solutions? Emerson Middle School houses many secrets, but one thing is for sure: a blizzard is no match for the Advice Avengers!

In volume 7, Corey can’t believe it when her grandmother shows up for a visit. It’s been years since Corey has seen her. But when her grandmother dies shortly thereafter, no one is prepared. Is Corey being haunted? The Advice Avengers have dealt with a lot of issues, but can they handle this?

In volume 8, Andi is thrilled to have her mother, Hilary, back in her life. But lately, Hilary has been acting outrageously.

When the Greene family decides to find a new place to live, Hilary’s thoughtless actions ruin everything. Can Andi turn things around, or will her voice get drowned out?

Join Corey and Andi on their further adventures at Emerson Middle School and beyond.