Forever Twelve cover



Here, for the first time, are the first four entries in the Advice Avengers series, in one lovely combined edition!

What if there were a place where life was simpler, where your biggest worry involves your science assignment and your biggest fear is the ever-scary ear-piercing gun?
Welcome to Emerson Middle School: a place where everyone belongs and no one feels left out. The classes are fun, the teachers are friendly, and the grass is just a little bit greener. There aren’t any snotty cheerleaders lording over everyone. Gym class doesn’t require you to shower. The cafeteria has barstools for the shy kids.
Oh, to be twelve years old at Emerson Middle School.
What if you were asked to co-write a weekly advice column for the school paper, and your co-writer was going to be Andi Greene, the coolest girl ever? What if she turned out to be really nice and became your new best friend? Could you handle it? No one ever said life was easy… but what if it were?
Chilly fall mornings, leaves crunching underfoot, sparkly frost on every tree… Dreams that take you someplace and teach you something… Friends that would never abandon you… And a loving mother who has all the answers, so ask her anything!
This is how it was meant to be. Relive middle school through Corey’s eyes. She’s growing up fast but cherishing the moment.

NOTE: This book contains the complete texts of Corey to the Rescue! (The Advice Avengers, Volume 1), Corey Saves the Day! (The Advice Avengers, Volume 2), Andi Has the Answers! (The Advice Avengers, Volume 3), and Corey Takes a Leap! (The Advice Avengers, Volume 4).


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